Scrap metal purchase

Since 1999, TOLMETS’ main area of activity has been scrap metal recycling. The question is how TOLMETS differs from other companies in metal recycling business. Firstly, TOLMETS offers clients flexible and favorable conditions. Secondly, TOLMETS strictly observes all obligations.

Scrap reception procedure:


  1. The client places the shipping vehicle on scales and Gross weight is measured;
  2. After the weight is measured, the Client follows further instructions of the examiner and proceeds to the unloading point;
  3. The scrap is being unloaded;
  4. The scrap is being assessed for quality and contamination content;
  5. The client places the vehicle on the scales again and Container weight is measured;
  6. The client leaves the scales after the examiner’s permit;
  7. The examiner reports reception data to the Document Processor;
  8. The client leaves their personal data and bank account number;
  9. A reception certificate is issued, the Client signs the certificate;
  10. Metal reception fact is proceeded by payment, which the Client receives at their bank account within 3 working days.


Metal purchase is subject to the Regulations Nr.960 ‘Purchase and selling of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap’ of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. Individual person selling scrap metal has to hand personality identifying documents and give their bank account number to which the payment in EUR will be transferred. A Delivery and Acceptance Certificate and Certificate of Origin are issued at metal reception.


Bottom-line price of metal scrap depends on its amount, quality and current scrap metal purchase price. The amount of metal is measured using certified weighing scales. An examiner evaluates quality of metal scrap; quality assessment tools may be used in addition to visual examination in case of necessity. An examiner measures contamination of scrap, i.e. the content of non-metal inherit impurities that supplier is not paid for. Metal scrap leftovers after unloading are not considered as waste material.


TOLMETS’ main suppliers are scrap metal receiving centers, other companies such as car service centers, factories and metalworking facilities, as well as individual entrepreneurs, farmers and private persons. Each client willing to sell scrap metal or become TOLMETS partner is treated with attention and paid shortly after handing metal. TOLMETS purchases both ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal.


TOLMETS accepts different sorts of ferrous metal, from lightweight tin scrap to large steel or cast iron pieces, including machines subject to scrappage. Please visit TOLMETS homepage for a full list of accepted metal sorts or call 287 000 13 (free of charge).


TOLMETS also accepts whole items and cuttings of cords, fillings and alloys that consist of nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, copper, brass, magnesium, aluminum, lead, and zinc.


Payment for supplied scrap is transferred to a client’s bank account usually within 24 hours after metal delivery.


In addition to purchase of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap TOLMETS offers delivery of metal scrap to the receiving centers for suppliers’ convenience.


TOLMETS also offers vehicle and household appliance scrappage as well as dismantling of reinforced concrete constructions. Moreover, cargo equipment and construction machinery is available for renting. Become a TOLMETS client or supplier to experience beneficial cooperation.


Useful links:


  1. Regulations Nr.960 of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia
  2. The list of registered companies in Latvia

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