Transportation services

TOLMETS has a long-term experience in scrap metal purchase and recycling business. Therefore, TOLMETS employeesare well-acquainted with metal scrap dismantling and delivery. Scrap loading and transportation is done in shortest terms possible and under the most favorable conditions.

TOLMETS provides its own transport as well as uses numerous shipping transports from small-capacity trucks to large container cars that freight shipping companies provide. Due to that, TOLMETS accepts metal scrap in any receiving center and ships it to any other location. Client convenience is TOLMETS’ priority.


We offer the following scrap loading and transportation services:


  • Scrap loading using manipulator
  • Manualscraploading
  • Free trailer rent for scrap delivery
  • Minibus and small-capacity truck rental for scrap delivery
  • Container car rental for scrap delivery
  • Semitrailer rental for scrap delivery


Contact the closest scrap receiving center or call 287 000 13 free of charge and we will find the most suitable and favorable solution for each individual client. Scrap loading and transportation conditions, i.e. terms, prices, and transport type are specified for each order individually when renting a transport.


Apart from transportation services, TOLMETS provides various machinery for rent. TOLMETS clients can rent any freight shipping transport such as trucking rigs or container cars. Trailers (semitrailers) and any other machinery such as manipulators are available for rent.

No matter what your concern is, we will provide you the most favorable conditions. Call 287 000 13 free of charge and we will offer the optimum solution for each individual client.

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